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Documentary Script (due may 25)
Final Film (Your Director, Your Memory) - Due June 3

Looking for Good References? Here are some good ones:
Film Studies For FreeSenses of Cinema
Strictly Film School
Cinemafile Archive

Looking for Inspirprocrastination? Here are some samples from previous years.

Read for Monday April 18:

Homework for Wednesday, Feb 17:

All of you are responsible for all of the below assignments - so SCR will be for the entire group if ANY of these are not completed. HOWEVER- below is a list of who I expect to coordinate getting the following documents to me:

Directors: Script or synopsis.
Cinematographers: Completed Storyboards- digitized.
Editors: Film Forms.

Synecdoche, New York is due (for those of you who have not done it yet) by FRIDAY.

Homework for Wednesday, Feb 3:

1.Watch Synecdoche, New York. If you’ve seen it, you may choose another movie by Charlie Kaufman or Spike Jonze that you have not seen.

  • Choose one scene in the film that you think best exemplifies the idea of ‘the postmodern condition’ and explain why.
  • You will likely want to address at least one of the following:
    • Simulacrum
    • Questioning:
      • Epistemic Certainty
      • Objective Truth
      • Conventions
    • Disrupting Narrative Structure
    • Self-Referentiality
    • Pastiche
    • Intertextuality

  • Explain how any of the director's choices (in cinematography, mise-en-scene, performance, sound, editing) contribute to this sense of postmodernism.

You may present this information in whatever manner you'd prefer. Aim for around 200 words, more or less and use visuals to illustrate your points.


Welcome to the Scott Pilgrim Versus IB Film Year I challenge. This assignment is broken into three parts - make sure you address each one! You will be assessed on your ability to analyze and interpret what you have seen in the film.

Part I: What themes does Scott Pilgrim v. The World deal with?
You may either describe one of the themes, or if you can't think of any others after the first few are exhuasted, add your own explanation as to why you think these themes are accurate.

Part II: Diegetic / Non Diegetic
It would be absolutely ridiculous for me to ask you to decide one way or the other which elements of Scott Pilgrim are objectively diegetic or non-diegetic. It doesn't even matter because the fact is that it the film plays wiht diegesis in fun an interesting ways. So of course, I am actually going to make you do this - because while it is indeed a futile and nonsensicle gesture- you cannot attempt this without having a firm grasp on what diegesis is. In this section you must:

1. Choose an element of the film and make a case for it being diegetic or non-diegetic. You may not choose anything that is unquestionably diegetic or non-diegetic. For example, Scott is diegetic. Everything he says in the film is diegetic. His clothes are diegetic, and even his thoughts are diegetic. The end credits are non-diegetic. You must choose something that is debatable in its diegesis.

2. Confirm or argue a point that someone else has made. If all the 'good examples' are taken, you can do this twice instead.

Each of your responses should be a minimum of 100 words.

Part III: Choose your Five Minute Sequence
This does not have to be within one scene, but it must be a contiguious five minutes. List your name, give the sequence a title, and list the timecodes. You may have sequences that overlap, but only by 1 Minute with someone else! This will be part of your final exam.

Part IV: Analyze your Five Minute Sequence (MID TERM EXAM) :) (DUE BY DEC 9)
In this sequence, identify all of the following elements that represent director's choices in the film, and discuss how those things create meaning towards the theme and the tone of the film.
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Cinematography
  • Postmodern Elements (Titan Pad page on Postmodernism in Film )
You may present this information in any way that you choose (podcast, presentation, essay, documentary, performance art, interpretive dance... etc) .


Didn't do the homework? Hmm. Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.In the meantime, make sure you draw on ideas from our Postmodern Titan Pad Page to do the homework.
Do you really want to know what Donnie Darko is about? You can find out here. But really, Richard Kelly never intended you to understand. He intedended you to be just as lost as his characters.
"Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion".

For THURSDAY 11/19:
Create an analysis on how the following factors in the film you watched this weekend reveal theme and tone in the film.
  • Lighting
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • You may also speak to the direction, but as we have not covered this in any direct way in class yet, it is not yet assessed.
  • You must attempt to explain how sound creates meaning, but will not be graded on accuracy for this.

You may do this in any form that you choose, but you will be assessed on how well you address the first three topics. For example, you might: write an essay, draw a storyboard or comic, do a podcast, video cast, prezi, keynote... etc. Surprise us!

for Monday 11/23:

...add to the presentation how issues of postmodern cinema are used in your film and how they create meaning towards the themes and tone of the film.

Here were your collective key points about postmodern film:
Characteristics of Postmodern Film

  • Simulacrum
  • Questioning:
    • Epistemic Certainty
    • Objective Truth
    • Conventions

  • Disrupting Narrative Structure
  • Self-Referentiality
  • Pastiche
  • Intertextuality

Due: Thursday Oct 29:
Treatments/ Letters of intention for your SWAN script.
You may also want to record your dialogue

Due: Monday Oct 2:
FINAL CUT for your music videos.

Due: Wednesday Oct 4:
Rough draft of SWAN script
Here are some helpful resources:

Guide to Scriptwriting
Celtx Video Tutorial

Due: Friday Oct 6:Final Draft of SWAN script.

Due Wednesday, Oct 14th: Friday, Oct 16th: Re-Cut Trailers

Watch the "recut trailers" - The Shining as an uplifting family drama, and Toy Story as a horror film, for example (there are many more recut trailers online. Have fun)

Your challenge is to take the film that you watched for break (or another if you desperately want to do something different check with me first), and recut your own trailer in the wrong genre. Happy films could become tragedies. Horror films could be lighthearted comedies. Transformers 2 could be... a movie that makes sense. Twilight could be... something watchable.

Use Handbrake to rip your DVD if you don't have a digital version. You may have it installed on your computer already or you can download it here.

Here are the parameters for your project:

  • It cannot be shorter than 30 Seconds.
  • It cannot be longer than 45 Seconds.

Due Monday, Sept 21:
Challenge : Watch The Cutting Edge & the other short films on editing and make notes on this TITAN PAD PAGE about *good advice*, *techniques* or *key vocabulary*. Everyone must contribute, and you may even add to the discussion. Be sure to list your names. There is plenty to talk about! Everyone should contribute 3-5 comments.

ALSO: Everyone come to class with an example of a IDEA MATCH CUT. Do not help each other out on this one, I want to see a different example from everyone (so if you google your answer, you'd better find something faaar down the page :).

ALSO: Optional: Bring in an example of a music video that suggests a narrative story.

Wednesday, Sept.23:
THE BIG QUIZ - anything about film shots, lighting, or editing will be included. Look at your notes from this weekend on the titan pad page, and any information from your google doc text book

Friday, Sept 4:

Challenge : Watch Pan's Labyrinth . Choose 5 camera angle/direction/framing/lens choices and 5 lighting choices. Create a presentation (in whatever form you choose - keynote, power point, interpretive dance) that explains how those choices affect the mood and tone of the film.

Continuity / Discontinuity

Match Cuts




Match on Action
Parallel Editing
Jump Cut
Match on Idea
Cross Cutting
Rope Match
Graphic Match

180 Degree Rule
Eyeline Match


In this challenge you and your team will defend either Run Lola, Run or Memento as the best edited film of all time. Use your new knowledge of specific film editing techniques to support your arguments (and tear down your opponent's film). In addition, feel free to add your own thoughts about what makes the editing so perfect.

Team Lola
Team Sammy Jenkins

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