Today you have the whole period to work on your film with your team. Yay!

To provide some structure, please complete the following:

1. Start creating a schedule. You should account for at least 4 filming days between now and November 21, when the rough cut is due. Add your filming dates to the Calendar.

2. Do a read-through of the second draft of the script. Assign roles and read.

3. Discuss and document any changes that should be made.

4. Grab the relevant folder from the USBs that are being passed around. For your second journal entry (due next Friday) , select a book and read. I'm not going to insist that you read the whole book in a week. Skim the parts that don't seem relevant. Focus on the parts that are interesting to you and will help you think about how you can push your film forward.

One more word- many of you did not put too much time/effort into your planning documents. Your film will be what you put into it, no more, no less.