A common theme throughout many kung fu films is the theme of redemption. The protagonist often acts in such a way that degrades himself but towards the end of the film, he will have a chance to redeem himself and in almost all the kung fu films I have watched, the protagonist always seizes that opportunity. In the case of Hugs, his low point (where he degrades himself) is when he breaks Herbert's lemonade stand. He goes down his path of his redemption later on when he tracks down Herbert to ask him if he wants to come back and run the stand with him.

Regarding editing, many kung fu films use color correcting in order to express the current tone of the scene for example, before the Japanese invaded China in Ip Man, the color correction was that of a warm summer's day however the moment the film cuts to a point in time where the Japanese have already set up a strong foothold in China, the color correcting adopts many dark tones and colors in order to express the tone. I hope to use color correction correctly in my film by using rich colors at the beginning when Hugs is by himself and more of a darker color correction with less color right after Hugs breaks Herbert's stand.

Last but not least: sound. Kung fu films often overdramatize their sound effects to create an impact. Much like The Walking Dead, the bone crunching bites from Walkers would not sound anything like that in real life but the reason why the foley sound was inserted was because the intended effect was to have you feel disgusted. Though my film isn't violent like the walking dead, I plan to emphasize foley sounds whenever I want to make an impact. When Hugs is breaking Herbert's stand, I want to have wood crunching and cracking foley sounds that are over dramatized in order to make an impact. This, I think, would be appropriate for the scene because this is the point in time where Hugs degrades himself which is essential to the theme of redemption.