Into The Wild

The film Into the Wild is a film about a man who wants to experience life with nothing. He gives up his life with his family, his money, and his education, all to be able to experience the world through different eyes. The films director, Sean Penn, had heard of the story of Christopher McCandless in the early 90’s, as soon as he heard the story; he knew he had to make a film about it.

Into the Wild is one of the most beautifully shot movies I have ever seen. Almost every shot in the entire film was of beautiful nature and really well done. My criticism of the film is how the story was told. Whilst I was watching the movie I felt as if I was drifting in an out of the film, some parts had me staring intently at the screen waiting to see what would happen next. Others, I felt I just wanted the movie to end all ready.

The way the story is told is in four parts. The past, when Christopher is young, the near past, where Christopher’s sister reflects on his journey, the other close past where his sister reflects on how their family feels towards his disappearance, finally the present, where Christopher/Alexander is living in Alaska. The flaw with this way of telling the story was that it was quite difficult to understand where the divides of the story are. They seem to be blurred together.

The story of the film is a very important one, ever had that feeling of just dropping everything and abandoning your life for a new one? This movie really shows someone who goes all the way with this thought, and throughout the film there are some good aspects and some bad ones. Although the films bad times where more gripping and intense, the relationships that Christopher/Alexander makes on his journey are very touching.

One of the parts of the story that the film focuses on is the good and the bad parts of what Christopher is doing. In the film all of the relationships that Christopher makes along the way are very sad ones. The one that stood out the most to me was his relationship with a man named Ron Franz. The film plays with your emotions on what is right and wrong, and makes you feel for the main character during his times of need.

All in all I felt this was a very good film, it was very beautifully shot and the acting was superb. My one criticism is that the way that the story is told from the different positions in time. Other than that this film will leave you crying your eyes out.